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Planning Travels




On this page you will find information, resources, links, tips and tricks to assist you in your preparation for the State Team, for use on tour and which will assist you across your gymnastics career.

Information provided is general advice and should you require additional information please discuss with your club/coach who will be able to direct you to the appropriate professionals in your local area.

For specific state team operations and procedures please refer to the information circulars and General Team Information page.


Prepare yourself for travelling as part of the team with  tips on packing your bags, eating well and looking after yourself.


Learn what to expect when your part of a GNSW team from dealing with homesickness to preparing for competitions and working with the schedule.


Tips on how to prepare for dietary conditions, stress and anxiety before and after you arrive at your destination.




Team members must adhere to the provided schedule of times for training and competition and are to arrange their own travel to and from these venues at the designated times. There will be a designated meeting point at the competition venue for drop-off (sign-in) and collection (sign-out). Athletes under the age of 18 are required to be signed out by their parent or guardian. If an athlete is to be signed out by someone other than their parent or guardian, they must supply the name and details of the nominated guardian (must be over 18) prior to the commencement of the tour.


All team members (athletes and coaches) are required to arrive prior to the scheduled arrival time and sign-in with the relevant team management.


Team sign-out times will be set at the scheduled conclusion time of the training session or competition session. Team coaches are not to depart until all team athletes have been signed out. All team members (athletes and coaches) are required to arrive prior to this scheduled arrival time and sign-in with the relevant team management.



Travel & State Team Accommodation

The NSW State Team members (gymnasts, coaches and judges) will travel and accommodate independently for the Australian Championships. Selected team members would be responsible for organising their own travel, accommodation, ground transport, travel insurance and meals for the tour. This more flexible accommodation and travel arrangements will hopefully assist gymnasts, coaches and officials attending the event to put in place tour arrangements which are most suitable to their individual circumstances and which are most applicable given the current environment. 

All travelling State Team members should refer to the Gymnastics Australia Travel Policy and Guidelines which can be found on the Gymnastics Australia website. Based on this all athletes on the State Team who are under 12 years must travel and stay with their parental guardians. Parents/guardians accompanying athletes under 12 years of age must not hold an official role on the state team whilst travelling.

Child Safety and Welfare
Gymnastics NSW considers that the health, safety and wellbeing of children takes priority over all other competing considerations, and that this is necessary to ensure the health safety and welfare of all members and to protect the image and reputation of the sport, the Association and its affiliate members.

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