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Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.


Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.


Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.

Trampoline Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.


Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.


Team Information

Click here for all the latest information for your gymsport for the upcoming tour.


State Team Training is compulsory for all NSW State Team Members, including athletes, coaches, chaperones and judges. The team’s Musculoskeletal screening which is required as part of travelling in the NSW State Team will occur during the state team training.

The team’s Musculoskeletal screening will occur during the state team training at a cost of $20.00 cash payable on the day to the physiotherapist. This screening has been introduced to ensure that the team’s physio is familiar with the team prior to the Australian Championships to ensure appropriate treatment and rehabilitation at the Australian Championships. The screening is also to confirm that athletes at the time of screening are fit to compete. All athletes must attend the State Team training with their completed screening forms which will be emailed to clubs before the training day. This form is required to have the relevant sections completed by their parent or guardian and a copy emailed to Gymnastics NSW prior to State Team Training. This form cannot be completed by nor signed by a coach. The gymnast is then required to have the completed unfolded form with $20 cash with them at State Team Training. If an athlete is not fit to train or does not pass their screening then they may be given an option to rescreen at a later date at the discretion of the screening physiotherapist. All rescreens will incur an additional cost.

Should an athlete sustain an injury prior to the Australian Championships, after the screening, the team manager and Gymsport ESDO must be notified of the injury, diagnosis and the recovery of the athlete. Full fitness clearance must be received prior to traveling with the State Team and be given by a nominated physio from the NSW Gymnastics pool of screening physios. Athletes who do not receive fitness clearance prior to their departure date will not be able to compete at the Australian Championships.

Team Training


We look forward to welcoming you as part of the Gymnastics NSW State Team! We want to make sure you understand when and where to wear your state team uniform, so please take the time to review the information below.

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For training you will be required to be wearing your Gymnastics NSW Training attire. This will consist of the training leotard, shorts and longs where applicable for Acrobatic, Aerobic, Men's, Trampoline and Women's Gymnastics or singlet and tights for Rhythmic Gymnastics. For training sessions you should wear your full State Tracksuit, Training T- Shirt, sock and sneakers.

On the competition day you will need to have wear your competition leotard and shorts and longs for our male gymnasts. You will need to be wearing your full State Tracksuit, Polo Shirt, sock and sneakers.

If you are staying or coming to watch additional sessions feel free to wear comfortable attire, but we do ask that you wear a NSW top to show your teammates you are there and cheering them on! This top may include the polo, t-shirt, jacket or optional state team hoodie.




Gymnastics NSW has a no tolerance stand to drugs in sport. Gymnastics Australia has informed all states that Sport Integrity Australia will be present at the Australian Championships and will be performing drug testing throughout the event. All gymnasts competing at an international and national level at the Australian Championships are subject to anti-doping compliance and obligations and may be tested.

In order to ensure that all team members including gymnasts coaches and officials are prepared for the possibility of being drug tested, as well as are aware of their rights and responsibilities surrounding drug testing, Gymnastics NSW requires each state team member to complete the online “Anti-Doping Fundamentals” (formerly Level 1 Anti-Doping Course). If this has been previously completed as a State Team member this does not need to be repeated. Each state team member is also required to complete the “Annual Update 2024” (formerly Level 2). The Annual Update course is required to be completed each year.

It is compulsory for all members of the NSW team, including athletes, coaches and judges to complete the online component and send through the certificate of completion for both the Anti-Doping Fundamentals and Annual Update courses. Parents of gymnasts under the age of 15 are encouraged to complete the Anti-Doping Fundamentals and Annual Update courses with their athlete and are also advised to visit the Sport Integrity Australia website for further information.

Sport Integrity Australia
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Using a social networking site can be lots of fun and it can be a great way to communicate with your friends and family. However it can sometimes get out of control and your actions can put yourself and your friends at risk.

There are real legal risks - even when you think you are just doing something for fun. The problem is – you lose control as soon as it is posted. 

Using the internet, a mobile phone or any other device brings with it a responsibility. A useful metaphor is driving a car. When you drive a car it is your responsibility to do everything you can to protect your own safety, the safety of your passengers and the safety of those people around you. It is the same when you are using Social Networking Sites (SNS).

Social Media
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