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Building for Tomorrow
Gymsport Clinic

Sydney  |  1st - 3rd December 2023
Sydney Gymnastics & Aquatic Centre

12 North Parade, Rooty Hill

Women's Gymnastics Information

Thank you for registering for Women's Gymnastics at the Building for Tomorrow clinic!

Here are some essential details:

  • Bring Your Training Gear: Remember to bring your hand guards, straps, chalk, water bottle, and any other necessary training equipment. Reminder that the gymnast sessions are on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd December.

  • Lunch Arrangements: All attendees are responsible for their lunch. You can bring a packed lunch or explore dining options. The SGAC cafeteria offers choices, and at West HQ, mentioning your participation in the event gets you a 10% discount on lunch and dinner.

  • Coach Responsibility: Coaches are responsible for overseeing their athletes throughout the event, including the lunch period.

  • Identification Requirements: For access to specific areas of the Rooty Hill RSL club, adults might need photo identification, such as a driver's license.

  • Clinic Session Policy: All clinic sessions are exclusive to registered attendees. Doors will be closed to anyone who is not a registered participant including spectators.

  • Participation Points: Each day of participation earns updating points for attendees.

  • Entry and Exit: Entry and exit for the sessions will be through the lower door of the venue

  • All sessions will be held in the WAG (Middle) Hall at SGAC. Please wear comfortable attire to be in the gym with seating on boxes etc.

Schedule and Information

WAG Timetable.png
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WAG Timetable 3.png
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